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ASB Leadership Team Members

ASB Officers




ASB Advisor - Mrs. Nero

Mrs. Nero is the ASB Advisor as well as an English teacher. This is her 6th year as ASB Advisor at AVMS. She believes that a strong, connected, school community is one where everyone has a place, is involved, and feels like part of the Falcon Family!



ASB President - Bella Thompson, 8th Grade



ASB Vice President - Joey Kaufman, 8th Grade



Activities Commissioner - Lily Cook, 7th Grade



Historian - Ashley Chan, 8th Grade



Secretary - Amanda Miley, 7th Grade



Treasurer - Kelly Graham, 7th Grade



8th Grade President - Kian Naderi



8th Grade Representative - Saya Seraj



7th Grade President - Kaylin Raibon



7th Grade Representative - Natalie Lemans

ASB Members

Gabbie Brown - Gabbie is a fun and creative girl. She is in 8th grade and loves to swim, run, and bike ride. She is smart and loves ASB, is open-minded, and loves to help others. She hopes to be a radiologist when she grows up. She is very helpful and she always wants to make the best of everything and have fun!


Mitchell Christensen - Mitchell is currently in his first year of ASB. He is the last member of his family and is keeping the tradition of ASB alive. He is in eighth grade and has been here since sixth. He loves AVMS and wants to make it better. His favorite activities are eating, every sport intended for men, and surfing. He looks forward to another great year at AVMS.


Sarah Euyoque - Sarah is an 8th grade ASB member. She loves ASB, playing soccer, and learning new things. She is kind, caring, thoughtful and never gives up, no matter how hard something seems. Sarah loves volunteering and helping other people. Her favorite animal is the white tiger because they are so unique and go against the stereotype of orange tigers. Although Sarah isn't perfect, she tries her very hardest at everything she does.


Mari Grodahl - Mari is a sixth grader at AVMS and this is her first year in ASB. She enjoys running, skiing, and playing soccer. You have probably seen Mari around helping at lunchtime activities, games, etc. She has an older brother in eighth grade and is always available to answer your questions.


Reilly Ho - Reilly is a reliable eighth grader in ASB. He is a member of the ASB Outreach committee. Hobbies involve cooking and various other things. Feel free to ask him any questions about anything ASB related.


Sarina Kotowitz - Sarina is an 8th grader at Aliso Viejo Middle School. She loves hanging with her friends and listening to music in her free time. Sarina figure skates a the Aliso Viejo Ice Palace and has been skating since she was five years old. She enjoys learning at school and her favorite subjects include math, social studies, and ASB.


Alexis Rock - Alexis is an eighth grader in ASB at AVMS. She was in PAL as a seventh grader and is happy to answer any questions you might have regarding AVMS.


Shannon Swanson - Shannon Swanson is in eighth grade and is in her second year of ASB. She enjoys ASB because she loves being a leader for her school. She enjoys playing many sports and hanging out with her friends.


Makayla Thompson - Makayla has been in ASB at Aliso Viejo Middle School for two years. The I.R.S committee is in charge of team building within ASB and is the main committee Makayla works with throughout the school year. If you ever have any questions about upcoming activities, such as dress p days or any other events, Makayla would be hapy to help answer your questions.