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ASB Leadership Team Members

ASB Director

Mrs. Nero is the ASB Advisor as well as an English teacher and Secondary Teaching Assistant Principal. This is her 7th year as ASB Advisor at AVMS. She believes that a strong, connected, school community is one where everyone has a place, is involved, and feels like part of the Falcon Family!

mrs. nero asb advisor


ASB Leadership Council

ASB President

Maddie Bowles


ASB Vice President

Jacob Mailman



Daniel Ng



Josh Hayden


Activities Commissioner

Ashlyn Lee



Kelsey Wong


Publicity Commissioner

Kian MousaviShandi


8th Grade Class President

Mia Sanchez


8th Grade Class Representative

Ashley Rosales


7th Grade Class President



7th Grade Class Representative



ASB Leadership Students 2018-2019

  • Lily Bigda, 7th Grade
  • Maddie Bowles, 8th Grade

  • Kristin Choe, 8th Grade

  • Sarah Duncan, 8th Grade

  • Abby Field, 7th Grade

  • Josh Hayden, 8th Grade

  • Ashlyn Lee, 8th Grade

  • Jacob Mailman, 8th Grade

  • Sahba Maleki, 8th Grade

  • Cali Mazzuckis, 8th Grade

  • Kian Mousavi Shandi, 7th Grade

  • Daniel Ng, 8th Grade

  • Dulce Perez, 8th Grade

  • James Perez, 8th Grade

  • Genevera Rafaniello, 8th Grade

  • Cameron Ricciardi, 8th Grade

  • Ashley Rosales, 8th Grade

  • Mia Sanchez, 8th Grade

  • Shira Shay, 8th Grade

  • Ava Smith, 8th Grade

  • Sheadon Stephens, 7th Grade

  • Lauren Valadez, 8th Grade

  • Kelsey Wong, 8th Grade