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Spain Scavenger Hunt

Spain Scavenger Hunt
Spain Scavenger Hunt

Directions for the Spain Scavenger Hunt


Rough Guide


DIRECTIONS: Click on the red link above 1st. Next, click the Launch Interactive Map located at the bottom of the web page in orange. Next, click on each of the REGIONS (#1 Through #12) to help find your answers to the questions for this scavenger hunt. Find the answers for 3 out of the 12 questions in the interactive links. Write your 3 answers in your Passport To Spain (AVMS Electives Cultural Experience). Show the teacher that your completed this part of your Passport To Spain and the teacher will stamp your passport when complete the TECHNOLOGY ACTIVITY.


Click the interactive link #1: Madrid 

Why is Madrid the capital of Spain and what happened in Madrid in 1561?


Click the interactive link #2: Madrid

Why is the city Toledo important and how many cultures does it have?


Click the interactive link #3: Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura

What is Castilla-La Mancha known for and what are the cities of Cuenca and Siguenza know for?


Click the interactive link #4: Andalucía

What is the region of Andalucia know for and what race of people live here?


Click the interactive link #5: Castilla y León and La Rioja

Describe the landscape of Castilla y Leon and La Rioja and why is known to be the most powerful force of the Reconquest?


Click the interactive link #6: Euskal Herria: The Pais Vasco and Navarra

Descibe the landscape in this part of Spain and what type of people live here?


Click the interactive link #7: Cantabria and Asturias

What part of Spain are these two provinces located in, and what is the landscape and climate like there? 


Click the interactive link #8: Galicia

Where is Galicia located in Spain and what is the weather and landscape like there? What happened in the Middle Ages in this area?


Click the interactive link #9: Aragón

What type of languages are spoken, and what type of people live in this region?


Click the interactive link #10: Catalunya

What major city is in this region? What language is spoken in this region? How would you describe this area?


Click the interactive link #11: Valencia and Murcia

Why is this area named El Levante? Describe the landscape in this area and the type of people?


Click the interactive link #12: The Balearic Islands

Where are these islands located? What town on this island has historical interest?