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Cynthia Steinert Principal

Principal's Message

Principal's message

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Aliso Viejo Middle School!  I am so proud to be the principal at AVMS and continue our strong traditions of success. We are all here because we truly enjoy the rewards and challenges of working with middle school age children and their parents. All of our teachers have special training or experience that makes them uniquely qualified to work with your children. Everything we do is done with middle school children in mind and we look forward to including you in those efforts.  You will not find a better learning environment for your young adolescent! We sincerely believe all children can learn.
We are proud that AVMS has been previously recognized as a California Distinguished School and a National Blue Ribbon School.  We received these awards as a result of our strong instructional programs, skilled and talented staff, high standards, parent and community involvement, and emphasis on technology.  Our academic programs are rigorous and we prepare our students very thoroughly for high school, college and careers.
At AVMS, we realize students are going through an important transition.  Middle school is the place where students learn skills and knowledge that take them from the smaller elementary school environment to the independence and initiative required at the high school. We strive to make this transition as comfortable and as meaningful as possible.  Each year from sixth grade through eighth grade, students become more independent and responsible.
In addition to our fine instructional programs, AVMS provides many opportunities for students to be involved in activities.  We have an ASB program and student council with officers from each grade level. This group organizes many fun lunch activities, school dances, dress-up days, and other events that connect students to school.  We also have Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL) where students learn how to be leaders, help manage conflict among peers, and provide friendships to students who are new.  They also organize our Red Ribbon Week activities, which focus on saying no to drugs, alcohol and tobacco, as well as other community service projects. AVMS has choral, orchestra and band groups, which perform often during the school year.  In addition, we have drama productions and yearbook publication. All of this is complemented by our academic activities that vary throughout the year: History Day, Astronomy Night and Book Club. 

Over the past few years our staff has worked collaboratively to reach all AVMS students. This year we have implemented RISE (Responsive Instruction for Student Engagement), which is a structured tutorial that allows all students to be supported by individual need. RISE will take place everyday before lunch. All students will have their agenda daily and receive stamps depending on their need. Those that are not stamped will have enrichment classes to choose from throughout the week.
I am confident your child will enjoy his or her three years at AVMS.  Middle school is a very special time and our students take many special memories with them as they depart for high school. Each year we eagerly look forward to our incoming students and bid a fond farewell to the eighth grade class. Your child’s journey through his or her middle school years will hopefully foster laughter, friendship and learning at Aliso Viejo Middle School. 


Cynthia Steinert
Aliso Viejo Middle School
(949) 831-2622