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Falcon Service Awards

Falcon Service Award Program


The Falcon Service Awards Program recognizes and rewards students who demonstrate outstanding scholarship and citizenship and go above and beyond through their service to AVMS and the community.  Students are eligible to participate in this program each school year.  Awards for those that meet the following criteria will be presented at the end of the school year.


PURPOSE:  The Purpose of this annual award is to reward students who demonstrate outstanding Scholarship, Citizenship and Service.  



Goggle Classroom will be the main place to sign up for the service program, download forms, and find out about upcoming opportunities.  The classroom code is bnzv9cm


 An informational meeting will be held in the MPR during lunch on   Wednesday, 9/11/19 to discuss the 2019-20 guidelines and   requirements.  Students can sign up by copying this  link 

 Sign ups CLOSE at the end of the 1st Quarter on October 11, 2019.



We will have another meeting in the winter to go over how to complete the application. Completed applications are turned in to Mrs. Fischer in the office.  Unfortunately, applications received after the due date cannot be accepted.

Forms can be accessed in the front office or you may download them here:

Applications are DUE on April 27, 2020 - Turn In Information

Once you have completed all the required hours you are ready to turn in your application.  Please review the Turn In Procedure discussed at the meeting in January.

Other Tips

  • Be sure your FULL NAME is on the Application AND your school and community service logs.
  • When you calculate your hours, be sure to convert any that have been recorded in minutes to hours.  Total minutes divided by 60 will give you the hours you have completed.
  • Summarize your hours from the logs and put the information on the Application.  Attach any other verifications of work completed to the application and write “see attached” on the Application.  Review the Turn In Procedure.
  • ALL applications and logs must be received in the front office by the end of day on April 27, 2020!!  If you are done now, don’t wait until the last moment to turn it in!  Be SURE your application is complete and you have met the requirements when you do turn it in.

Students that complete the requirements will receive an invitation to their recognition event in May.  If you have any questions please email me at or stop by my office.

AVMS Library Volunteer Information

Library Training

Friday, 9/13/19 during RISE

Please get stamped by Ms. Cunningham to attend RISE by Thursday, 9/12. 
Completion of training is REQUIRED to volunteer in the Library for Falcon Service Award hours



  • Know how to shelve books (see below)
  • Complete the Book Shelving Worksheet
  • Sign up in the Library with your completed worksheet
  • Follow ALL Library rules!

How to Shelve Books

Ways to Help

You must complete the above requirements

before you volunteer.

  • Work on an Assigned Shelf – You will come in at least 1 time a week and organize YOUR assigned shelf.  Ms. Cunningham will assign you a shelf and you won’t need to sign-in after that – just work on organizing your shelf and then have Ms. Cunningham sign off on the time.  YOUR shelf will be YOUR responsibility.  You can come in at your convenience but it must be checked at least one time per week.  When you have collected your hours you need for the award, let Ms. Cunningham know and she will assign your shelf to someone else.
  • Shelving Books – Put returned library books back onto the shelves.  Only one person can do this per day.  Sign in with Ms. Cunningham before you begin.
  • Odd jobs – Random tasks around the library (not common).  Check with Ms. Cunningham to see if there is something you can do.

All library volunteering time must be completed outside of classroom hours (before or after school, break or lunch) with permission from the librarian, Ms. Cunningham. 

Community Service - Niguel Botanical Preserve

Niguel Botanical Preserve - Laguna Niguel

Planting Events

Watch for future events!  Visit their website.  Volunteer Registration Forms are available in the front office

Located at the Crown Valley Park Amphitheatre

Students 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or adult

ALL participants must have a signed Volunteer Registration Form



Community Service Opportunity - Laguna Canyon Foundation

Keep It Wild Volunteer Day

Watch their website for future events!

  • Aliso and Wood Canyon Park Ranger Headquarters - 28373 Alicia Pkwy at 7:45 AM
  • Student volunteers under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Short Term Volunteer Forms Required for students and adults
  • Bring water bottle, sunscreen, and wear close toed shoes
  • Questions – 497-8324 (M-F), 923-2200 (Sat. or Sun.)
  • Don't forget to bring your logs!

Monthly Community Service Opportunity

The City of Laguna Niguel Council has an exciting new program available for middle school students!

Junior Civic Workshops 

Free workshops to educate middle school students about City government and how they can get involved to make government better.

The topics at the first meeting will be information about the City Council and the History of the City Seal.

Sign Up for each meeting you will attend.

Second Tuesday of each month from 6:30 - 7:30 PM - Students should arrive before 6:30 to sign in.           


Laguna Niguel City Hall 

30111 Crown Valley Parkway 

Meetings from September - April will qualify for Falcon Service Award hours!


All AVMS students may enroll in these workshops.

More information including application and meeting dates.


Additional Community Opportunities


Look for more local activities at: 

City of Laguna Niguel

City of Aliso Viejo

Laguna Niguel Teens 

School Service - Gardening 

Nature's Garden 

Come to the AVMS organic garden and help to make it beautiful!  Grow and care for native plants and organic fruits and vegetables.  Experience the cycle of living and nonliving organisms as they thrive in a natural environment.  Learn how to grow plants while protecting our natural environment.

When: During RISE, check your RISE schedule to see when Mrs. Ortiz will be open for nature's garden.


School Service - Lunchtime Recycling

If you are interested in collecting recyclables for your last 15 minutes of lunch this will qualify for school service.  You may ask a lunchtime supervisor for a bag and then have them sign your school service log when you bring the bag back with what you have collected.  You must spend at least 15 minutes though doing this each time for the credit.

What to collect:

Empty cans and plastic bottles without caps


Time spent must be in 15 minute increments

School Service - Recycling

Recycling volunteers needed on Thursday mornings starting at 9:00 AM

Sign up on sheet near Mrs. Fischer's office.  Sign up logs available Friday morning for the following Thursday.

Limited to 10 volunteers per week.

Start date is 

  • Students may volunteer to help collect the donations and receive school service credit. We need 10 students each time.
  • Sign up in the office prior to the Recycling day is required and there are 10 spots available for each day.
  • Due to the limit of 10 students per week, students may only sign up for one Thursday per month.
  • Bring your log!!  Be there no later than 9:00 AM to get the full credit!
  • If you sign up, MARK YOUR COMMITMENT in your Agenda!  
  • If it is raining, Recycling collections will be cancelled.
  • We are always looking for more Parent Volunteers for this program.  Interested parents should contact the front office.  

School Service - Food Services Volunteers

Students can volunteer to work in Food Services for 6-8 weeks and receive school service credit for the Falcon Service Award. Students receive 15–20 minutes credit each day and also receive a free lunch.   Regular attendance is important.  If you are interested, pick up an application from Mrs. Fischer  You will need to complete the application and receive an administrators signature to be eligible.  Return the completed application to Mr. Collins as soon as possible so he can schedule your service time.



Falcon Service
Falcon Service