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5-Star Point System

How to Check Your Points

To check your 5-Star points, see the leader board, participate in voting and polls, and see upcoming activities, please click HERE

How to Earn Points

There are a variety of ways to earn 5-star points at AVMS:


  • Participate in a Lunchtime Activity (10 pts/each)
  • Participate in Lunchtime Sports (20 pts/season)
  • Attend an after-school dance or event (10 pts)
  • Participate in a community drive
  • Attend Homework Club
  • Attend Math Support

BEHAVIORS (All 5 pts)

  • Achieving Academics
  • Being Prepared
  • Cleaning Up Campus
  • Helpful
  • Inclusive
  • Kind
  • On Task
  • Outstanding Improvement
  • Owning your decisions
  • Participation
  • Respectful
  • Showing School Spirit

......AND MORE!

How to Use Points

There are a variety of ways to redeem 5-star points at AVMS:

  • Reserve courts and fields for lunchtime use
  • Reserve sports equipment (soccer balls, basketballs, etc) for lunchtime use
  • Eat in the Falcon Perch
  • Falcon Nest: Use your 5-Star points on Wednesdays at the stage to buy toys, items, and privileges (free run pass, swap seat pass, no homework pass, change an answer pass, etc)
  • Falcon Wheel: Use your 5-Star points on Fridays to spin the wheel for prizes at lunch at the stage. 
  • Extended lunches, in conjunction with other requirements
  • And more!