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ASB News Letter


3rd Quarter Newsletter



Hey there Falcons! What a great quarter! I’m sure everyone had fun with the thrills of January, February, and March. Thank you to those wonderful ASB members who hosted those great months.



Step it Up Survey Newsletter

By Isabelle Pense

We had a wonderful Step It Up fundraiser kick-off!

Soon after it ended ASB conducted a survey with approximately 230 students. The first thing we asked which fundraiser product they thought they sold easier, most people said that cookie dough and magazines were easier to sell than the twenty dollars. Then for if the gold, silver, bronze and platinum awards motivated them during the Step it Up fundraiser, almost everyone surveyed said no. Also, when we asked them about what they liked best about the Step It Up fundraiser, most people said the inflatables, but a close second was the prizes. We asked if they liked having an active and fun fundraiser and if they would recommend having another one like this, it was really close, but the top answer was no. We all wonder about what the kids would overall rate would be. Out of ten, seven was the most popular with four trailing close. What will happen next? We’re all so excited!



Third Quarter Overview

By Madi Swain

Hey Falcons! What a wonderful third quarter it was at AVMS! From February 3rdto the 10th we had our valentine gram sales! Students and staff enjoyed receiving grams and prizes from fellow Falcons. On the 26thwas our Panda Express fundraiser, Falcon families got to enjoy Chinese cuisine and support our school. Thanks guys! On St. Patrick’s Day students and staff dressed up in green and gold! Then, from the 1stto the 4thit was April spirit week. Students had a blast participating in dress up days all week! These dress up days consist of “ Military Monday”, “Tie- Dye Tuesday”, “Polka Dot Wednesday”, “Ties and Tiaras Thursday”, and finally… “Flannel Friday.” Thanks for participating Falcons! We had quite a spirit filled thirdquarter at AVMS and we look forward to fourth quarter too!




Topsy Turvy Spirit Week Overview


By Sophie Spiegler

      During third quarter we had our Topsy Turvy Spirit Week. AVMS students showed so much spirit! To start of the spirit week we had our Military Monday. So many students wore their camouflage and combat boots. We also had our first lunchtime activity of the week, which was Sergeant Says. Tuesday was Tie-Dye Day, and this was by far the most popular spirit day of the week! The lunchtime activity was Guess That Flavor of the Lollipop. Wednesday was our Polka Dot dress up day and so many students wore their polka dot apparel and accessories. The lunchtime activity was Hula Hoop Toss which was so much fun! On Thursday we had our Ties and Tiaras dress up day, and there were so many tiaras out there! Our lunchtime activity was April Showers Bring May Flowers. The last dress up day of the week was Flannel Friday, and the mayor stopped by to tour our school and say hello to everyone. Our lunchtime activity was Spring Relay and was our most popular lunchtime activity of the week. Thank you so much to all the students and staff who participated in our Topsey Turvy Spirit Week! We hope you all enjoyed it!


Winter Dance

By Catherine Swanson

The winter dance was great! All the decorations looked wonderful. There was a fog machine, snowflakes on the walls, lights and more. The dance was really fun and we had a great DJ who did a great job. Everyone had a wonderful time. There was plenty of food and laughter. The night was great and people really enjoyed attending the Winter Dance. All the ASB members did a great job setting up and worked very hard. The dance was a great success.

Lunchtime Activities

By Audrey Hoehner

The lunchtime activities this quarter were amazing! Topsy Turvy Spirit Week was packed with all kinds of activities on Military Monday through Flannel Friday. Some of the activities in March were fun as well. The activity What Would You Do For a Golden Coin had everybody wanting a turn to perform a ridiculous task for a delicious chocolate coin. The Stack Those Cups Activity was also a fun way to spend your lunch. In this activity, you and four other people had to stack cups as high as you could in two minutes! This quarter has been fun-filled and exciting!